• The Path
  • Sunrise in the Mountains
  • The Damn Ram
  • Intense Stalking
  • Medium Bowl in Spring Quad glaze
  • Medium bowl in Night Sky glaze

Back to the Beach

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We only had a few hours to enjoy the beach on Assateague but it is forever in my thoughts. Joe and I walked what seemed like a long ways. On our way back to the truck we turned off the … Continued

East Coast Travels

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Maryland is very beautiful. Way too populated for me, but beautiful. Joe and I crossed a lot of land this last weekend. Our initial destination was Chincoteague Island… We only stayed one night but it was great! We were intent … Continued

Morning in the Desert

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Earlier this summer I attended my first pastel convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a tad overwhelming. Lots of learning opportunities and lots of scenery that was new to me. Previous to that trip I had not been in … Continued

Marsh Serenity

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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve wanted to but keep feeling some kind of internal struggle since I went to IAPS Convention. Everyone I know came out of it inspired. I left frustrated. I don’t need to … Continued

Lazy Summer Morning

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As I mentioned in my last post the scene of the field, rolling hills, and old barn are so beautiful to me. In my last painting I captured the mist rising in the hills and the old barn but thought … Continued

Kayaking on Lake Snowden

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A few weeks ago my husband and I woke up early to go kayaking. When we got on the water we separated since he wanted to fish and I wanted to row up and down the fingers of the lake. … Continued

Having Fun!

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I think ‘Rushing River’ is the fourth version I’ve painted from the same reference photo. The three before this were different color variations of a mountain scene with calmer water in the stream. I think I’m gravitated to using this … Continued