In October 2004 I started throwing clay on the potter’s wheel.  I’ve always loved to cook and entertain so the thought of making bowls and serving platters seemed so enticing.  My husband, Joe helped me create a studio in the basement of our home.  Over the years my studio has become functionally efficient with an areas for throwing pottery, glazing, firing, and staging for finished items.  Around 2007, I steered away from pottery as life seemed to pull me in other directions.  But, in 2014 I’ve started potting again and have been able to achieve really nice results with the creation of beautifully crafted and glazed pieces.

In addition to pottery, I love to cook and entertain, garden and in 2014 started painting with acrylics.  The painting has been a really fun and fruitful experience.  I’ve dabbled in painting subjects, mostly flowers from my garden, and abstracts.  Hopefully I’ll continue to grow my skills with this art medium too!

The pottery I make is stoneware fired to a medium fire which is over 2000 degrees!  This produces a very strong and durable piece.  Because of the durability of my pottery, I encourage people not to let pieces sit, unused in their china cabinet.  Use them everyday if possible, but at a minimum, use them often and especially for special occasions.  I love to use vibrant, bright glazes on my work.  I have received many comments that my work is fresh and different.  When you gift your friends and family Cracked Thumb Pottery they will be pleasantly surprised by the contemporary, modern look of the vibrant glazes!

Cracked Thumb Pottery is the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen so give this  beautiful pottery as a gift or collect it for yourself.  With a focus on functionality, I design each piece with the intent of maximizing usability.  I love to cook so it’s incredibly fun to be able to serve delicious creations in beautiful serving ware such as platters, dip sets, and bowls  Cracked Thumb Pottery is also available in dinnerware sets and can be custom ordered to include your preferences on the types of pieces.

Whether you’re giving pottery for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or housewarming, Cracked Thumb Pottery will be loved and cherished!  Each piece is personalized with my initials and the year it was made as a finishing touch.