All my life I’ve had an appreciation for art. I contemplated going to art school but in the end pursued degrees in business. Without a formal degree in art, I dabbled in various mediums and techniques to satiate my creative spirit. I taught myself how to make wheel thrown, functional ceramics. I was fortunate enough to be quite successful but the challenges of the medium is taxing with a busy work schedule.

I began to paint birds and animals with acrylics. In an effort to loosen up and play, I became enamored with creating abstracts. The technique of acrylic pouring became a great way to relax and have fun but did require a lot of space.

In 2016, I stumbled upon the medium of pastels and fell in love. With pastels there a sense of immediacy in the ability to create. Thankfully, I found a mentor early on that was able to share her knowledge on art supplies and techniques. Learning the art of pastels will prove to be an endless job but perhaps that is what makes it so fascinating.