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Wave Splashes

During the IAPS convention I learned a trick for painting the foamy splashes from a wave. This ‘little trick’ should have come with a disclosure – Do it outside! My wave spashed everywhere. Looks like I need to wipe down the painting area. Oh well, it was fun and worth the extra mess. If you […]

Back to the Beach

We only had a few hours to enjoy the beach on Assateague but it is forever in my thoughts. Joe and I walked what seemed like a long ways. On our way back to the truck we turned off the beach and focused more on the bay side. While we walked I was enchanted with […]

East Coast Travels

Maryland is very beautiful. Way too populated for me, but beautiful. Joe and I crossed a lot of land this last weekend. Our initial destination was Chincoteague Island… We only stayed one night but it was great! We were intent on waking up early so we could get to Assateague National Seashore. We saw horses, […]

Practicing small paintings

It seems that everyone in the painting world says, paint small and paint often. It makes sense. When I was teaching myself how to throw pottery someone said to me throw 500 bowls and keep going. The premise – practice makes you better. I get it. I remember being so obsessed with pottery when I […]

Morning in the Desert

Earlier this summer I attended my first pastel convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a tad overwhelming. Lots of learning opportunities and lots of scenery that was new to me. Previous to that trip I had not been in that part of the country. It sure is different than the Midwest. We drove a […]

Marsh Serenity

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve wanted to but keep feeling some kind of internal struggle since I went to IAPS Convention. Everyone I know came out of it inspired. I left frustrated. I don’t need to get into the reasons because quite frankly it’s not productive. What I did learn is […]

Lazy Summer Morning

As I mentioned in my last post the scene of the field, rolling hills, and old barn are so beautiful to me. In my last painting I captured the mist rising in the hills and the old barn but thought it would be fun to make some changes. In my first painting the barn appeared […]

Spring Field

I can tell that this reference picture will get used over and over again in my paintings. I drive by this barn on the way to and on the way home from work and for some reason I am completely smitten. It has so many looks. Depending on my direction, the time of day, and […]

Kayaking on Lake Snowden

A few weeks ago my husband and I woke up early to go kayaking. When we got on the water we separated since he wanted to fish and I wanted to row up and down the fingers of the lake. It was a Monday morning so we were a few of the first out there. […]

Having Fun!

I think ‘Rushing River’ is the fourth version I’ve painted from the same reference photo. The three before this were different color variations of a mountain scene with calmer water in the stream. I think I’m gravitated to using this photo because it’s small and not very good so I’m forced to interpret the scene. […]