Wave Splashes

During the IAPS convention I learned a trick for painting the foamy splashes from a wave. This ‘little trick’ should have come with a disclosure – Do it outside! My wave spashed everywhere. Looks like I need to wipe down the painting area. Oh well, it was fun and worth the extra mess.

If you are interesting in learning more about Waves Splashing, go on and click

East Coast Travels

Maryland is very beautiful. Way too populated for me, but beautiful.

Joe and I crossed a lot of land this last weekend.

Our initial destination was Chincoteague Island… We only stayed one night but it was great! We were intent on waking up early so we could get to Assateague National Seashore. We saw horses, in the distance. As a painter, I was most interested in the marshlands. I love how the grasses punctuate this sand dune.

Here is where you can click to purchase this painting.

Practicing small paintings

It seems that everyone in the painting world says, paint small and paint often. It makes sense. When I was teaching myself how to throw pottery someone said to me throw 500 bowls and keep going. The premise – practice makes you better. I get it. I remember being so obsessed with pottery when I first started that I spent a Sunday wheel throwing pottery from 10am to 10:30 that night. Wow.

Painting small is supposed to be great because you can finish a piece relatively quickly, save money on using less material, and test techniques. I find it frustrating. My hands are big and they seem to get in the way. When I paint small it also seems like the strokes are awkward. Oh well, I still try because it does make sense.

This is a small version of a view of the Shoshone River outside of Cody, Wyoming down the South Fork. My brother and sister in law, own and operate a beautiful ranch on the Shoshone River. They have great lodging accommodations at Double Diamond X Ranch and take great care of their guests. Go to their website and check out all the lodging options they have available.

Today I am working on a larger version of the same painting. It’ll be fun to compare once I finish!

Morning in the Desert

Earlier this summer I attended my first pastel convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was a tad overwhelming. Lots of learning opportunities and lots of scenery that was new to me. Previous to that trip I had not been in that part of the country. It sure is different than the Midwest. We drove a lot. We started in Las Vegas, visited the Grand Canyon and then made our way to Albuquerque. Then one day we drove up to Santa Fe and about an hour past to white water raft the Rio Grande. That was fun.

The entire time we were traveling I was often times taking ‘drive by’ photos of the scenery. It was all so beautiful. This painting isn’t from an actual picture. I allowed a few different pictures to inspire me and allowed my creative side a little liberty to play. Click for more information on Morning in the Desert.

Painting Poppies

A friend shared a picture of the yellow poppies in Texas at the base of some hills. Thankfully, she gave me permission to paint it. I was smitten – until I started painting. I found all the small poppies covering the foreground and the overall neutral color scheme was challenging to figure out the composition and where I wanted the eye to go.

Fortunately, I whipped out my creative license and added a bit more color. I hope my friend approves!

For information or to purchase go to Texas Poppies!

A View of Dingle Bay

This past fall, my husband and I went to Ireland. What an enchanting place! Upon arriving at the Shannon airport, we traveled to Killorlin. Our plan was to spend our first full day exploring Dingle Peninsula. From Killorglin we started the tour of Dingle peninsula on the south side. This painting is of one of our first glimpses of Dingle Bay. The farmland that lines the coast was covered in beautiful wildflowers.

Following is a painting of the bay with the reference photo.

For more details click to view ‘A View of Dingle Bay’.


Last night, December 31st 2016, I painted this with many thoughts running through my head.

2016 was the year I discovered pastels. WOW! Pastels are an art medium that I had never heard of but in one year have become obsessed with.

When painting this I merged memories from two of the art workshops I participated in during the last year. I also incorporated my mental vision of the field in our valley and how the sunsets show such a brilliant light display. Flowers in the ‘meadow’ are my way of symbolizing my excitement of a new year, a new season, a new garden, and my favorite time of the year – transition from spring to summer. Check out the pastel painting of Anticipation

May 2017 hold many wonderful experiences for us all!