Wave Splashes

During the IAPS convention I learned a trick for painting the foamy splashes from a wave. This ‘little trick’ should have come with a disclosure – Do it outside! My wave spashed everywhere. Looks like I need to wipe down the painting area. Oh well, it was fun and worth the extra mess.

If you are interesting in learning more about Waves Splashing, go on and click

Spring Field

I can tell that this reference picture will get used over and over again in my paintings. I drive by this barn on the way to and on the way home from work and for some reason I am completely smitten. It has so many looks. Depending on my direction, the time of day, and weather I can take a ton of pictures and never capture it the same way twice. I love this photo because the late spring/early summer look is refreshing to my eye.

I finished the Spring Field painting and am pleased so now I am going to work on a larger (18″ x 24″) version with some tweaks to the composition and coloring. The big version is on the easel now. My husband has already made some critical remarks such as ‘the barn is too big’. I tried to explain to him that as an artist I want to take the same inspiration and turn into something new. My hope is this larger painting will be from the same reference photo but will capture beautiful features not captured in the initial painting. This is what makes art fun!

Kayaking on Lake Snowden

A few weeks ago my husband and I woke up early to go kayaking. When we got on the water we separated since he wanted to fish and I wanted to row up and down the fingers of the lake. It was a Monday morning so we were a few of the first out there. Exploring the lake was so peaceful and serene, at least in the beginning, which inspired my painting, ‘Morning on Lake Snowden’.

I was able to watch some very interesting birds and hightail it away from some mean ducks that saw me as a threat.

I came across an interesting tree that a beaver had almost cut down.

There was also a monster tree along the bank that must be incredibly old. It’s interesting to see things that you wouldn’t be able to see if you were on land.

And then things went a little crazy. I kept rowing to get to the far side of the lake. I had the wind to my back so unbeknownst to me the wind had really picked up. About an hour or so from the start of our adventure I turned around to head back. By that time the wind was so strong, I was dealing with 9″-12″ waves hitting my kayak. I was rowing hard against the wind. Lets just say, I got the shoulder workout I needed and I was soaked by the time I got back to my husband, peacefully fishing, completely unaware of the wildness of the lake.

Painting Poppies

A friend shared a picture of the yellow poppies in Texas at the base of some hills. Thankfully, she gave me permission to paint it. I was smitten – until I started painting. I found all the small poppies covering the foreground and the overall neutral color scheme was challenging to figure out the composition and where I wanted the eye to go.

Fortunately, I whipped out my creative license and added a bit more color. I hope my friend approves!

For information or to purchase go to Texas Poppies!

Killarney National Forest

When we left Dingle Peninsula in Ireland to go to another peninsula further south I navigated us to avoid highways. I ended up guiding us through the Killarney National Forest without realizing it. About 10 minutes into the drive we were both doing an about face trying to figure out what treasure we had come upon. Killarney National Forest is a sight to behold.

This painting is a rendition of a lake we passed by as soon as we entered the national forest lands. Of course we jumped out of the car to hike out to the lake. Absolutely beautiful. Very serene.

A Lake in Killarney.

The Cliffs of Dingle Peninsula

Last fall, we fell into an opportunity to travel to Ireland. Ireland was never top on my list of international spots to visit. Now after having been there I can not wait to go back. Visiting Ireland again has risen very high on my list of ‘must do’ vacations. Our first couple of days was spent exploring the coast of Dingle Peninsula. Simply enchanting.

As we toured the coast it was stunning to see brilliant green fields turn into rocky cliffs over the ocean. Much of the coast line are lush fields where livestock, sheep and cattle, are raised. Viewing the laid back serenity made it easy to picture living a life that was connected to the land without materialist things.

For more information on The Cliffs of Dingle painting click here.

Mornings at the Shoshone

This October, my husband and I visited his brother and his wife at their ranch, Double Diamond X Ranch, west of Cody, Wyoming. My husband was going on some rugged Elk hunts. While he went on the hunts I was looking forward to taking in the scenery, painting, and capturing the scenery. Every morning I would run outside to catch the view as the light changes created different versions of the same scenery. It was gorgeous!

I love to paint the morning view of the Shoshone so you’ll be seeing many ‘takes’ of the beautiful view. To see more about this painting click here.

An Evening Drive

Sometimes inspiration comes in surprising ways. Aunt Judy posted this picture on Facebook and I asked if it was okay to use for a painting. The intense blues with all the orange, yellow, and muted violet made it exciting to paint. But, all those colors created a challenge to not create a ‘muddy’ palette. I can imagine this might be painted over and over again to experiment on the ideal combination. Click here to get more information.


Last night, December 31st 2016, I painted this with many thoughts running through my head.

2016 was the year I discovered pastels. WOW! Pastels are an art medium that I had never heard of but in one year have become obsessed with.

When painting this I merged memories from two of the art workshops I participated in during the last year. I also incorporated my mental vision of the field in our valley and how the sunsets show such a brilliant light display. Flowers in the ‘meadow’ are my way of symbolizing my excitement of a new year, a new season, a new garden, and my favorite time of the year – transition from spring to summer. Check out the pastel painting of Anticipation

May 2017 hold many wonderful experiences for us all!