Kayaking on Lake Snowden

A few weeks ago my husband and I woke up early to go kayaking. When we got on the water we separated since he wanted to fish and I wanted to row up and down the fingers of the lake. It was a Monday morning so we were a few of the first out there. Exploring the lake was so peaceful and serene, at least in the beginning, which inspired my painting, ‘Morning on Lake Snowden’.

I was able to watch some very interesting birds and hightail it away from some mean ducks that saw me as a threat.

I came across an interesting tree that a beaver had almost cut down.

There was also a monster tree along the bank that must be incredibly old. It’s interesting to see things that you wouldn’t be able to see if you were on land.

And then things went a little crazy. I kept rowing to get to the far side of the lake. I had the wind to my back so unbeknownst to me the wind had really picked up. About an hour or so from the start of our adventure I turned around to head back. By that time the wind was so strong, I was dealing with 9″-12″ waves hitting my kayak. I was rowing hard against the wind. Lets just say, I got the shoulder workout I needed and I was soaked by the time I got back to my husband, peacefully fishing, completely unaware of the wildness of the lake.