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  • Medium Bowl in Spring Quad glaze
  • Medium bowl in Night Sky glaze

Painting Poppies

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A friend shared a picture of the yellow poppies in Texas at the base of some hills. Thankfully, she gave me permission to paint it. I was smitten – until I started painting. I found all the small poppies covering … Continued

Mooring on the Marsh

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The last time we visited Sullivan’s Island the scene of a boat rising above the intercoastal waterway in it’s mooring intrigued me. The coloring of my photo was washed out. I remember that when we arrived at the upstairs deck … Continued

Foggy Appalachian Sunset

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Sometimes there is a place that you look at again and again because it is so beautiful. The view down the field on our property is one of those places. I’ve seen so many gorgeous sunsets over these hills. They … Continued

Mornings at the Shoshone

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This October, my husband and I visited his brother and his wife at their ranch, Double Diamond X Ranch, west of Cody, Wyoming. My husband was going on some rugged Elk hunts. While he went on the hunts I was … Continued

An Evening Drive

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Sometimes inspiration comes in surprising ways. Aunt Judy posted this picture on Facebook and I asked if it was okay to use for a painting. The intense blues with all the orange, yellow, and muted violet made it exciting to … Continued

A View of Dingle Bay

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This past fall, my husband and I went to Ireland. What an enchanting place! Upon arriving at the Shannon airport, we traveled to Killorlin. Our plan was to spend our first full day exploring Dingle Peninsula. From Killorglin we started … Continued


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Last night, December 31st 2016, I painted this with many thoughts running through my head. 2016 was the year I discovered pastels. WOW! Pastels are an art medium that I had never heard of but in one year have become … Continued

Engraved Sycamore Platter

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This platter was created by pressing a leaf into the wheel thrown platter as soon as it was complete.  I then carved out around the leaf to create a more 3 dimensional appearance.

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