Practicing small paintings

It seems that everyone in the painting world says, paint small and paint often. It makes sense. When I was teaching myself how to throw pottery someone said to me throw 500 bowls and keep going. The premise – practice makes you better. I get it. I remember being so obsessed with pottery when I first started that I spent a Sunday wheel throwing pottery from 10am to 10:30 that night. Wow.

Painting small is supposed to be great because you can finish a piece relatively quickly, save money on using less material, and test techniques. I find it frustrating. My hands are big and they seem to get in the way. When I paint small it also seems like the strokes are awkward. Oh well, I still try because it does make sense.

This is a small version of a view of the Shoshone River outside of Cody, Wyoming down the South Fork. My brother and sister in law, own and operate a beautiful ranch on the Shoshone River. They have great lodging accommodations at Double Diamond X Ranch and take great care of their guests. Go to their website and check out all the lodging options they have available.

Today I am working on a larger version of the same painting. It’ll be fun to compare once I finish!