Spring Field

I can tell that this reference picture will get used over and over again in my paintings. I drive by this barn on the way to and on the way home from work and for some reason I am completely smitten. It has so many looks. Depending on my direction, the time of day, and weather I can take a ton of pictures and never capture it the same way twice. I love this photo because the late spring/early summer look is refreshing to my eye.

I finished the Spring Field painting and am pleased so now I am going to work on a larger (18″ x 24″) version with some tweaks to the composition and coloring. The big version is on the easel now. My husband has already made some critical remarks such as ‘the barn is too big’. I tried to explain to him that as an artist I want to take the same inspiration and turn into something new. My hope is this larger painting will be from the same reference photo but will capture beautiful features not captured in the initial painting. This is what makes art fun!